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Spammer Bill Jones for United States Senate Spammer Bill Jones for United States Senate BILL JONES, SPAM KING, IS RUNNING FOR U.S. SENATE!
A Spammer to all Californians  
-> Bill Jones thinks spam is an "innovative way to use the Internet"
-> Bill Jones' website shutdown by his ISP for spamming
-> Political taboo broke by Bill Jones in sending over a million spam emails



Photo of Dan Anderson, who dislikes all spammers

Spam King Jones defeated again, 58% to 38%—thanks everyone!

Dear Friends,

In 2001 and 2002 Spam King Bill Jones repeatedly spammed people around the world, in a desperate attempt to win the Republican Primary nomination for California Governor. The clueless spammer lost with only 16% of the vote. Before the election, Bill hired a professional spammer who hacked into South Korean computers used to help teach school children. The Bill-Jones-hired spammer used the commandeered school computers to sent out millions of spam emails throughout the world with Bill Jones' spam. After sending his mass email spams, Bill Jones was not only unrepentant, but strongly defended his spam campaigns.

Loser Bill Jones is at it again. This time he's trying to run for Senator of California in the 2004 election, and is spamming once again. Don't reward this spammer for his immoral tactics. Please consider voting for a candidate who doesn't spam, such as Barbara Boxer (Democratic) or Judge Jim Gray (Libertarian). In any case, don't vote for Spammer Bill. Thank you.

  - Dan Anderson

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